Gift Card Button - Button Up and Start Selling Gift Cards

How Gift Card Button Works?

Gift Card Button concept and process is quiet simple. You, as a business, sign up for a FREE account and we will provide you with an excellent platform that enables you to sell gift cards on your website.There is no upfront costs. You will copy a HTML code, which Gift Card Button provides specifically for your website, and paste it to your website. That's all there is to it.

You can use your own PayPal or Authorize.Net (card-not-present) or BridgePay account to receive payments directly from your customers. If you need help to open an account with any one of these please contact us.

We will maintain storage, tracking and process of gift cards and you can do it in your internal system as well. Every customer receives an automatically generated digital card number from Gift Card Button or we can even use your existing gift cards. We sell your cards and your customers can pick up a plastic card when they visit your business.

Gift Card Button is very easy-to-use for your customers too. They choose the amount and pay for it. A gift card can be sent to a recipient on a specific date. This feature allows your customers to buy a gift card and send it to their friends and relatives for different occasions such as birthday, anniversary or holidays.

We also promote each and every business member through paid advertising of our platform.

You can start with a free version of gift card button and if decided to continue with our paid version you will subscribe for a monthly subscription fee of $19.95 per month.

Your free account limits you to managing 100 gift cards. Paid version allows you to manage unlimited number of gift cards.

Gift Card Button free Android and Widnows apps are now available and they are designed to make managing your gift cards a lot easier. Simply scan the QR code of the app that works for your device!

Gift card button apps