Gift Card Button - Button Up and Start Selling Gift Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How much does it cost to join Gift Card Button?

Gift Card Button has two pricing options:
1-free: Limited to 100 gift cards,
2-Paid : $19.95/month and you can mamange unlimited number of accounts. we will charge you $19.95 per month. There will be no other charges, per transaction fees or set up fees and no restrictions on the number of cards you sell. That's all.

How much programming is needed to integrate Gift Card Button to my website.

None. Gift Card Button generates a simple code to be embedded into your website. It is a simple copy and paste process.

Who collects the payments?

You collect payments directly from your customers. In other word, when a purchase is made, buyer pays you directly.

How do you process the payment?

We ask our customers to apply for a payment gateway. Payment gateway will be linked to your credit card processing account(except for Payal) if you already have one. We work with PayPal, Authorize.Net and BridgePay.

What type of PayPal account do I need to use for Gift Card Button?

A simple PayPal Business account is adequate. Please verify your account with PayPal.

What type of Authorize.Net account do I need to use for Gift Card Button?

You need a Card-Not-Present account with Authorize.Net. Your merchant service provider should be able to help you. We also can help you to get your Authorize.Net account set up and ready. Click here to sign up for Authorize.Net.

What do you recommend as far as best option to receive payments?

If you have a credit card processor then condifer BridgePay first. Authorize.Net would be the secone option. If you don't have a credit card processor then start with PayPal. Click here to sign up for Authorize.Net.

Can I switch my payment gateway?

Yes. You can switch your payment gateway at any time. Simply update your profile with your new gateway information. There is no need for any changes in your buttons.

Can I use multiple buttons on my website?

Yes. You can add gift card buttons to as many page, or links as you like.

Can I one Gift Card Button account for multiple websites?

The short answer is yes. As long as you understand that payments from all such websites will be deposited to one account, you can do that.

Can I use Gift Card Button to sell my current plastic gift cards ?

Yes. Designate a group of your cards for sell on your website. Send us the card numbers and Gift Card Button sells them on your website. You may want to hand the actual plastic card over to your customer when they visit your business.

I have an in-house gift card software. Can I Gift Card Button to sell gift cards Online in conjunction with my in-house software ?

Yes. Every card sold on your website through Gift Card Button needs to added to your system with its initial amount. Afterwards, each gift card will be part of your in-house system.

How can I charge a gift card in Gift Card Button platform?

Login to your account on and use the "Charge a Gift Card" option. We also have an API.

Are gift cards re-loadable on Gift Card Button?

Yes. Login to your account on and use the "Reload a Gift Card" option.

What are the main functions on Gift Card Button dashboard?

The following is a list of current functions. We are adding more functions to Gift Card Button business dashboard:

  1. Get Button Code for your website
  2. Check Gift Card Sales
  3. Account Activity
  4. Check a Gift Card Balance
  5. Charge a gift card
  6. Charge a gift card
  7. Re-Load a gift card
  8. Update your profile
  9. upload your logo

Do you have any Apps for Gift Card Button?


Gift card button apps

Do you have an API for Gift Card Button?

Yes. Please contact us and we will send your more details

Where do I order plastic cards?

Please visit Plastic Resource website to learn more and order gift cards.